The World’s Most Popular Buddha Statues

Around the world, the statues of the Buddharupa, which literally means the form of the Awakened One, are some of the most notable pieces of art. For those who study Buddhism, these statues are important religious symbols worthy of worship and adoration. For tourists, they symbolize the ingenuity of human craftsmanship and inspiration. Here are […]

How To Avoid Culture Shock When You Are Travelling

If you are a frequent traveller, you may have now formed a coping mechanism for dealing with culture shock. But if you are travelling for the first time and in a location where culture, language, and ways of living are so diverse from what you have back home, then you may have some bouts of […]

A Walking Tour of Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the most popular islands in the Cyclades island region. This region has been a hotbed of activity for several decades. Several international celebrities have been spotted shopping and dining in the area, basking on the golden beaches and partying it up in the most exclusive nightclubs. It’s a small wonder that […]

Moving Tips for Those Going Long Distances

Moving is hard work, whether you’re moving across the neighborhood or across the country. But the expense becomes higher and the logistics become critical when you’re moving long-distance. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth move! 1. Change your address information Moving is a costly affair! There’s no need to lose important mail or incur […]

Rental Cars Can Be Good for Movers

Rental cars are considered to be ideal for a road trip. It may also be noted that rental cars can also be good for movers. If you are planning to move to a new state or another city in the same state, then you may consider using the services of rental cars instead of the […]

Destinations worth spending money on

Some cities in the world are considered most luxurious and ranked top in offering 5 star treatments to tourists. A tourist can spend hundreds for a night of full service luxuries without including a restaurant meal, travelling costs and souvenirs in the picture. Nevertheless, these exclusive trips are considered high-end and either you are visiting […]

Motorhome Holiday Locations

A motorhome holiday will bring you closer with your family and friends when you travel. Imagine spending 7 days and nights with your loved ones close. Imagine spending quality time with your children, exploring and making memories that will last a life time. Bathrooms accessible, refrigeration available, places to lie down, all while you are […]

New Zealand’s Favourite Spots

Looking at New Zealand on a map and you might feel that you could cover every place in the country in a few months. A trip there will prove otherwise in this surprisingly large country and there are plenty of great little spots that are both on the tourist track and off it. Here are […]

Increase your website rating with Vancouver SEO firm

With the rising competition in the field of search engine optimization, Vancouver SEO firm has made its presence go indispensable. The firm has a tremendous command over general SEO and has gained lot of popularity in recent past. In the scenario where getting traffic for the website is a tougher task, Vancouver SEO firm makes […]

Botswana Travel Guide

Botswana is one of the world’s premier wildlife viewing countries the planet has to offer.  Have you ever wished you could get a sample of wildlife in its own territory? Then a visit to Botswana should be placed on your wish-list.  Before embarking on your once of a lifetime journey to experience some of the […]

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